A innovative new idea for bi-fold doors

If you have bi-fold doors, it is difficult to find a blind which does not interfere with the opening and closing of the bi-fold system.

A solution to this is the INTU Micro 16mm pleated blinds, they offer a clean fitting solution for light control and privacy into the home. This innovative system sits in the door frame so when the doors are open and in a concertina format the blind is attached to the door, which delivers a neat clean look without the blinds flapping in the wind

The snug fit also reduces drafts and minimises light gaps. To raise or lower blinds simply move the bottom rail up or down. Safe by design, safety features are integral to the blinds – no free hanging looped cords.

An upgrade is available to the Multizone Intu , this enables you to have more control over shade and light as the blind has two moving rails enabling you to operate the blind from the top and bottom.

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