Silhouette/ Visage blinds


Silhouette/ Visage blinds

The construction of Dencas’ selection of silhouette/ visage window shades ensures that you benefit from a gentle translucency in your home, allowing you to set the mood in every room. Soft, rotating fabric vanes are suspended between two sheer fabric layers, so you can choose exactly how much light passes through.

Silhouette/ visage blinds are available with:

  • Multiple vane widths to suit the shape and style of your windows
  • A silver metal design fabric that looks great in all homes
  • Room darkening technology to ensure optimum light control.

Silhouette/ Visage blinds in Chester from Dencas

Additional features include:

  • Motorisation: silhouette/ visage blinds are offered with the optional extra of motorised touch operation, for your convenience
  • Quiet and smooth operation: the PowerRise remote is a completely wireless controller to ensure child safety
  • Pull cord: the patented UltraLift cord makes it quick and easy to raise and lower the shade.

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If you’d like to take a look at Dencas’ selection of high-end silhouette/ visage blinds for yourself, why not come down to our showroom in Chester? Our team of experts are available on-hand to guide you through the product options available and suggest the best silhouette/ visage shades and blinds for your needs. Alternatively, you can give us a call to get any of your questions answered.